tech projects


software and utilties i've made for windows. these are written in C#.NET and are all open source.

audio snipping tool
a program that records any audio that your computer is playing for quick saving, sharing, and drag-and-dropping. it's basically the windows snipping tool, but for audio.

a QR code scanner for VRChat. just have this program running while you're in VRChat, and it will automatically scan all photos you take with the in-game camera for QR codes.

unity package extractor
a simple utility that lets you explore and yoink files out of a unity package without having to go through the painful process of actually using unity.


programs and games i've made for the cybiko platform. these are written in B2C and are all open source.

(hey, if you're also interested in cybiko stuff, you should join my cybiko discord server!)

a fully-featured sudoku game for the cybiko with auto candidate calculation and removal, incorrect move identification, and autofill. it even comes preloaded with 45 puzzles from the NY Times.


stuff i've made that runs right in your web browser!

NETPORT is an RSS/Atom feed reader that runs in your web browser. it stores your feed list in its URL, so you can just save it to your bookmarks for easy retrieval of your favorite feeds. try it out!

taco bell item generator
after encountering the Steak White Hot Ranch Fries Burrito at taco bell one day, i came to the conclusion that all new taco bell menu items must be computer-generated at this point (there's no way a human could come up with this stuff), so i was inspired to write my own taco bell item generator.