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friends & other personal sites!

websites and blogs

  • GUIdebook • expansive gallery of various graphical user interfaces and their icons, splash screens, sounds, etc.
  • old vintage computing research • blog containing lots of interesting vintage computing projects, stories, and research, usually about lesser-known and more interesting platforms.
  • retro GPS • online museum of retro GPS receiver and navigator devices from the 90s.

communities (so many cafes!)

  • melonland forum • forum loosely based around making virtual worlds, websites, and other creative projects. it's a super chill place to hang out and chat!
  • • website where you can post short little status updates and browse through other members's updates. the status widget in the right sidebar of my website is powered by this!
  • 32-bit cafe • discord server about building personal websites. they're currently working on providing free services for the community, such as email accounts and website-crafting tutorials.
  • transistor cafe • community of webmasters who all make retro-styled websites, most of which are specifically designed to be accessible from older tech - no unnecessary https here! there's also a discord server for anyone interested in retro tech and website crafting.

resources and tools

  • invidious • alternative youtube frontend that's much faster than the official youtube website and doesn't show ads.
  • dumbphone finder • database of modern feature phones ("dumbphones") that can be filtered by OS, form factor, features, and network compatibility. very helpful for finding your next phone!
  • getting updates and software for old windows versions • massive list of the last windows xp-compatible versions of various software, complete with download links.
  • ishkur's guide to electronic music • interactive timeline and graph of all electronic music genres, featuring detailed histories of each and plenty of sample songs organized by year. great for discovering new music!

youtube channels (all links go to invidious)

  • ben eater • the Bob Ross of electronics and computer science. i highly recommend his series about building an 8-bit breadboard computer - it teaches every little detail of how a microprocessor works by demonstrating how to build one from scratch by using basic logic chips on a breadboard.
  • hainbach • experimental electronic music composer who has an appreciation for old, weird, and forgotten synthesizers and repurposes vintage test equipment as musical instruments.
  • 8-bit show and tell • commodore computer enthusiast who shows off neat programming tricks and interesting hardware and software.
  • cathode ray dude • high-quality deep-dives, video essays, and demonstrations of funky, fun, and flawed 90s and 2000s electronics.
  • thorhighheels • video game review/showcase channel that covers older, very obscure games from a more artistic and lighthearted perspective.

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